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Listing dependency information in an Elixir project

I recently wanted to get information on all the dependencies (including sub-dependencies) in an Elixir project. After reading through some of the Mix and Hex code I came up with this simple Mix task. You can add it to any project by dropping it in your_project/lib/mix/tasks/... »

Easy Alliterations with Python

I recently wanted to know what the most frequent English alliterations are--so I figured it out. This is by no means a difficult programming task, but I thought it was at least interesting. The first problem is where to get the necessary data to figure this out. After a bit... »

Showing off Go and Websockets

I'm giving a short presentation on Go based on this post. I wanted a small demo to show something more than "hello world" with it, So I came up with speck. Here's a short explanation of how it works. Server In the app users click in a canvas to create... »

Start Using Go

I've been using the Go programming language for about a year now, and I think everyone should be using it. Here are some of the reasons why: About Go Go is "a compiled, concurrent, garbage-collected, statically typed language"1 designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and Russ Cox... »

Start Writing (a blog) with Octopress

I really like writing about my projects and other things I'm working on, but it's usually hard to get started. Writing with tools I love, like vim and markdown, makes it a lot easier. Especially when these are the tools I'm already using on a daily basis. But having some... »