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Start Writing (a blog) with Octopress

I really like writing about my projects and other things I'm working on, but it's usually hard to get started. Writing with tools I love, like vim and markdown, makes it a lot easier. Especially when these are the tools I'm already using on a daily basis. But having some... »

Setting up a dotfiles repo

I decided to host some of my configuration files on github, but I ran into a problem getting it set up on multiple computers. Git doesn't let you clone into a non-empty directory. This makes sense 99% of the time but it's annoying in this case. I considered just creating... »

Command Line Fu

This is just a collection of useful commands that were new to me at one point. Most of them have been assimilated into my normal workflow. General search in this and all subdirectories for a given string grep -r “search_string” . find / | grep <search_string> tar tar -czvf... »

Raspberry Pi Serial

I've been playing around with a Raspberry Pi for a while, and wanted to get something working over a serial connection. So after experimenting for a bit this is what I came up with. Hardware A Computer with Linux and a Raspberry Pi with Debian "squeeze" USB to Serial connector... »